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At Launchpad, we’re committed to empowering young talent and fostering innovation. We believe in the power of relationships, collaboration, and community, and that’s where you come in. Explore the diverse ways you can contribute to our mission and make a lasting impact through volunteering.

November 2023

Ignite Coffee Chats

We have 15 groups of students building tech-enabled solutions to a community problem.  By mid-November they should have a Proof of Concept for their solution, either a landing page or feature demo to share and receive feedback on. Coffee chats will be 30 minute conversations between volunteers and students where students will walk the volunteer through their project and receive feedback before moving forward with their projects.

December 2023 - February 2024

Web Development Workshops

Our students have big ideas! We are seeking professionals skilled in frontend and backend web development to run small, targeted workshops to support our students as they build their tech projects. So far students are interested in creating chat features, user reviews/testimonials, and interactive online quizzes.


Industry Tours

Work for a local tech company or company with a large tech team? We are seeking organizations that could host our cohort of 35 students for an office tour.

For information on volunteering, email