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A Four-Stage Adventure

Your journey begins in January of 11th grade with a glimpse into all Launchpad has to offer including one college class, tech industry immersion, community building, and professional networking.
Time commitment: Tuesdays 4:00–5:30pm + 9am–1pm on the 1st Saturday of each month.
In just six months, you will have:
  • Mastered the fundamentals of IT and built your own computer.
  • Gone on private tours of at least two local companies and connected with industry experts.
  • Created an interactive presentation tailored to younger students that highlights local job opportunities in tech.
  • EARNED UP TO $500 for completing this stage.
We transform your senior year of high school into an immersive one-year experience with coaching, college courses, corporate challenges, and exposure opportunities that will help you pick a career pathway.
Time commitment: Half-days during the school year and summers before and after 12th grade.
By the end of your 12th grade summer, you will have:
  • Selected a career pathway for boot camp with the help of personalized, weekly coaching.
  • Built close relationships with industry experts through shadowing and corporate challenges.
  • Accumulated at least 12 college credits in English, math, and tech-focused courses.
  • EARNED UP TO $3,500 in wages for participating in the program.
After graduating high school, you’ll become a Launchpad Fellow and complete an intensive tech skills boot camp in one of two career pathways. You’ll dive into a challenging and comprehensive technical skills curriculum, corporate shadowing, and coaching focused on job preparation.
Time commitment: 30 hours per week.
By the end of Boot Camp, you will have:
  • Mastered the technical skills needed to land a job in your chosen career pathway.
  • Developed a portfolio showcasing your work and progress in Launchpad.
  • Continued to earn college credits and certificates to beef up your resume.
  • Earned a competitive wage while still having the flexibility to work part-time or attend evening classes.
After boot camp, you’ll move into paid work experience either in-house at Launchpad or with a trusted industry partner working on projects with real clients. This is your first job in the field, but so much more. You’ll get valuable experience, continued coaching, support applying to full-time jobs, and optional advanced credentials and specialization opportunities.
Time commitment: 30 hours per week.
Once you’ve completed Launchpad Inc, you will have:
  • Applied the technical skills you learned in boot camp to real world projects in a work setting.
  • Grown from your mistakes in a safe environment where learning is encouraged.
  • Built a first-class resume, portfolio of client work, and stack of references to aid in your full-time job search.
  • Accepted a good-paying position with an employer that will support your growth and development.