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A Three-Stage Adventure

Your journey begins in January of 11th (or 12th) grade with a glimpse into all Launchpad has to offer including one college class, tech industry immersion, community building, and professional networking.
Time commitment: Tuesdays 4:00–6:00pm + occasional Saturday special events. Six weeks over the summer.
In just six months, you will have:
  • Mastered the fundamentals of IT and built your own computer.
  • Gone on private tours of at least two local companies and connected with industry experts.
  • Created an interactive presentation tailored to younger students that highlights local job opportunities in tech.
  • EARNED UP TO $1500 for completing this stage.
We transform your senior year of high school into an immersive one-year experience with coaching, college courses, corporate challenges, and exposure opportunities that will help you pick a career pathway.
Time commitment: Half-days during the school year.
By the end of your 12th grade summer, you will have:
  • Selected a career pathway for boot camp with the help of personalized, weekly coaching.
  • Built close relationships with industry experts through shadowing and corporate challenges.
  • Earned the PCEP-30 Entry Level Python Credential
  • EARNED UP TO $3,000 in wages for participating in the program.
After high school, you’ll become a Launchpad Fellow, complete an intensive tech skills training, and gain some real work experience in an apprenticeship. 
Time commitment: 30 hours per week for 1 year.
By the end of Lift Off, you will have:
  • Mastered the skills needed to succeed in the tech industry
  • Built a portfolio of relevant, real-world projects
  • Completed an apprenticeship with support from Launchpad
  • Earned up to $12,000 in a paid hourly wage