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Where Your Future Takes Off

Pursue your Passion

We encourage you to relentlessly pursue your passion by exploring career possibilities within the tech industry. From video games and computer technology—to the arts, entertainment, and sports—tech can be the fuel your passion needs to take off and launch your career.

Jumpstart your Career

Launchpad is where you grow, learn, and connect your passion to a career. You will jumpstart that career with hands-on technical training, industry-based work experience, one-to-one coaching, and up to 30 college credits. Not only is this offered at NO COST to you—you’ll GET PAID throughout the program.

Soar into your Future

In 2.5 years, you will be ready to launch into your full-time role and soar into your future. Equipped with your skills, college credits, technical credentials, extensive network, and our ongoing support, you’ll not only land a good-paying job in a growing field, you will thrive in your new career.


Your Passion

Your Career

Your Future

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